Know 2 Grow

Know2Grow offers a series of Financial Literacy and Consumer Education workshops and presentations designed to prepare participants to plan, make well-informed decisions, set goals and navigate an increasingly complex world with confidence.


Financial Literacy and Consumer Education provide the skills and knowledge that help participants of all ages develop the attitudes and behaviors required to make sound financial and lifestyle decisions.

Complete any one workshop or register to complete a series of workshops in Financial Literacy or Consumer Education. 

Contact SFHA for more information about Know2Grow. Check our website for upcoming events and activities. 

Thanks to Wells Fargo Foundation for a grant to support the Know2Grow program. 

Past Events



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On Tuesday Oct 15th, SFHA held a Know2Grow event titled "Keep it Safe" at the Spring Lake Senior Center. We would like to thank Venus Camp and Staff of  PNC Bank for facilitating the event. There were approximately 15 people in attendance. The attendees enjoyed learning about ways to keep their money safe in an ever changing world. We plan to hold 3 more Know2Grow events before the year concludes. 

Financial Literacy

Review, reinforce and master the information and skills required to effectively manage personal and family finances, make effective decisions and enjoy greater success in setting and reaching goals.

Financial Literacy: Getting Started

Financial Literacy for Youth

Budgets, Goals and Staying the Course




Homebuying 101

Retirement Planning

Consumer Education

Learn all you need to know to navigate complex marketplaces. Consumer Education helps consumers make well-informed decisions about purchases with an eye toward protection and meeting your needs. 

Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

Protect Yourself and Your Money: Avoiding Scams and Bad Consumer Decisions

Health Care Plans: Choices and Decisions

Planning for the End: What your family needs to know

Buyer Beware: Scams, Rip-Offs and Questionable Deals

Wills Workshop

Personal Legal Documents: Healthcare Proxies, Living Wills, Power of Attorney and Legal Authorization

Community Partners

Our community partners are the professionals, organizations and agencies that assist us in providing speakers, materials and resources for Know2Grow activities. 

Cumberland County Public Health Department

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy


Kingdom Community Development Corporation

NC Association of Black Lawyers

Local Banks and Credit Uniions

NC Cooperative Extension

NC Consumer Protection Division

FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection


PNC Bank

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