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SFHA Membership

More than 100 individuals and groups have registered to be Members of Sandhills Family Heritage Association. Association Membership has been an important aspect of the SFHA organization since its founding. SFHA does not have a voting membership. However, the role of our Members is critical to our success and effectiveness in our communities.  SFHA Members volunteer, advocate and support - all on behalf of SFHA and the community. 

SFHA membership includes five dues-paying categories and an honorary membership category, which is not required to pay dues. Dues-paying Members pay a small annual fee while Lifetime Members pay a one-time fee. Please contact SFHA to ask about dues amounts.


  • Individual $20

  • Family $45

  • Youth (birth to 18) $10

  • Business/Organization $100

  • Lifetime $500

  • Non-Profit Organization $80

  • Honorary Members (Over 75 years old)


Honorary Members

  • Honorary Members are held in special esteem as elders of the community. They shared their stories to inspire the formation of Sandhills Family Heritage Association and continue to support and participate in SFHA's preservation of our communities' African-American history, heritage and culture. 

  • Honorary Members are 75 years of age or older and are residents or former residents of the Sandhills region. 

Member Privileges

Members enjoy advance communication of SFHA meetings, free attendance at educational events, discounts on annual festival activities and other privileges as determined by the SFHA Board of Directors. 

Member Guidelines

Members remain informed, pay their membership dues on time and are careful to represent SFHA in a manner that reflects well on the organization and its supporters.

We are stronger together!

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SFHA Members:







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to ask how you can become a Sandhills Family Heritage Assocation Member. 

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