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Historic Spring Lake Civic Center Building Renovation

It's Time!

raise the roof






Sandhills Family Heritage Association has launched the project to renovate the Historic Civic Center Building in Spring Lake, NC.


Support the renovation of this historic treasure and help reopen the doors to the community!

Phase 1 is underway to replace the damaged roof, which will protect and stabilize the Civic Center building until the full renovation begins. 

Original building.jpg
SFHA bldg front.jpg
SFHA bldg vols2.jpg

Generous donors make this renovation possible!


"This project has been funded in part by a grant from the Terence L. Mills Fund for North and South Carolina of the National Trust for Historic Preservation." 

"Ambrose Lucas, a founding member of the Spring Lake Civic Association and a family member, was instrumental in choosing SFHA to serve as stewards for this valued community asset.


As the Civic Association members wished, he gifted the land and the building to Sandhills Family Heritage Association with full trust that they, and the community, would work to reopen the building and return it to community use."


N.C. Representative Marvin W. Lucas, District 42 - Cumberland

A Brief History:
The Spring Lake Historic Civic Center Building & Land
  • 1941: Spring Lake Civic Group purchased the land they would pass on to Sandhills Family Heritage Association.

  • 1945: Civic Center Building constructed by Spring Lake Civic Group and community residents

  • Early Years: Building was primary venue for African-American community and family events.

  • Civil Rights Era: Civic Center served as hub for civic and Civil Rights work in the African-American community. 

  • 2002: Civic Center closed by Town of Spring Lake due to changes in building codes.

  • 2002: Last surviving Trustee of the Spring Lake Civic Association gifted the 2,900 square foot building and the 1.8 acres of land to Sandhills Family Heritage Association.

  • 2007: Mayor of Spring Lake signed Proclamation designating the Spring Lake Civic Center a "Building of Historical Significance."

  • 2007: Spring Lake Farmers Market opens. A few years later, SFHA constructs Farmers Market structure, funded by grants from BCBC Foundation, The Conservation Fund - Resourceful Communities and USDA.

  • 2018: Civic Center Renovation Project Launched, Phase 1 underway.

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