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Preservation of Land & Natural Resources Programs

Sandhills Family Heritage Association's Preservation of Land and Natural Resources programs focus on some of our most treasured community assets. Our Preservation programs address stewardship of our land and natural resources and focus on protecting our rights to own, enjoy and benefit from those resources, and protect family legacies.


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  • The Sandhills Family Heritage Association focuses much of its efforts on the land and cultural connections to the land that have sustained its communities for generations.

  • For the African-American families of the Sandhills, land was not just soil - it was their food supply, their home and their source of income, medicine and recreation. 

  • Land was the center of family and community life. Elders who had little or no formal education were able to leave a legacy of knowledge and wisdom about the land and how to use it to enhance their families’ quality of life.

  • This collective knowledge was passed down from generations dating back to slavery and, before that, to Africa.

  • Through seminars, workshops, publications, and other means, SFHA educates African-American landowners about the long history of African-American land ownership in the region, while also providing tools to help sustain land ownership and cultural traditions of land stewardship

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This organization is supported in part by a space grant from the BB&T Term Endowment of Cumberland Community Foundation, Inc.

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