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SFHA Heritage Tours

Sandhills Family Heritage Association preserves the history, heritage and culture of African-Americans in the N.C. Sandhills. We highlight and showcase the folk-life and rich heritage of local African-American communities. SFHA records oral histories (more than 130 to date), promotes heritage tourism and offers special events that celebrate our heritage and culture. 

SFHA documents the lifestyles, livelihoods, land-based activities, and stories of African-American families and communities dating back to slavery. These stories range from the simple but significant everyday struggles of farming, forestry and other land-based economies. We also share information about agricultural, farming and technical innovations developed by African-Americans in the Sandhills.


Contact SFHA for information about Heritage Tours on the site of the History Spring Lake Civic Center.


Tours and historic reenactments are conducted outdoors.

SFHA conducts Heritage Tours from April through October. 

Visit the land, see the Sandhills Sanklofa Players perform reenactments, see a replica of the Old Plank Road and learn the history of African-Americans in the NC Sandhills.

Sandhills Family Heritage Association is listed on the Cumberland County African-American Heritage Trail

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SFHA conducts outdoor Heritage Tours and presentations on the Historic Civic Center Building land, Chapel Hill Road, Spring Lake NC:

  • Historic Reenactments

  • Exhibits

  • Storytelling and Oral Histories

  • Brush Arbor Church

  • Civil War Wood Plank Roads

  • Herbal Medicine Exhibit and Demonstrations

  • ask about other on-site Heritage Tour presentations




Additionally, SFHA offers a variety of guided tours related to African-American history throughout the Sandhills area:

  • Historic Churches

  • Sacred Landscapes

  • Family Farm Tour

  • Naval Stores Museum

  • Historic Market House

  • Military Museum

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