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Renovation Project 

Renovate    Restore    Reopen

Phase 1


Architect Plan and Drawing for critical roof replacement

Roof Replacement

Windows and Doors

Paint Exterior

Phase 2


Full interior building renovation, including electrical, plumbing and HVAC . 

Phase 3


Parking Lot




Project Costs

Phase 1   $150,000

Phase 2   $ TBD

Phase 3   $ TBD

Support Phase 1 to raise and replace the roof!

Renovate and Restore


The Renovation Project has a conservative plan to bring the building up to code, return it to its original appearance inside and out, modernize where necessary and finish with a beautiful and functional property. 

SFHA and its supporters are excited about this plan. We look forward to opening the doors of this historic building and inviting the community and visitors to enter, learn about history and culture and engage in the work that creates change in our communities.

SFHA parent child trail.jpg

SFHA's Native Plant Trail

The Future Sandhills Heritage Center

SFHA will rededicate the newly renovated and renamed Sandhills Heritage Center to the community.

The Sandhills Heritage Center will serve as a cultural heritage tourism site, community resource center and a place for social, economic and environmental education.


The newly restored building will again serve as the hub for efforts to improve the lives of families, create new businesses, support and encourage land-ownership and preserve the property for the next generation to assume the reins.

Donate to help make the Sandhills Heritage Center a reality!   Let's Get This Done!

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