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Friends of SFHA

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The Friends of SFHA are community supporters and volunteers who join to help support, advance and sustain Sandhills Family Heritage Association. SFHA Members, who pay a small annual membership fee, also are part of The Friends of SFHA.


The Friends of SFHA:

  • Serve as ambassadors and advocates for SFHA in the community - at SFHA events, other community events, and within their own organizations.

  • Serve as volunteers at SFHA events, such as HealthWise health screenings, Farmers and Heritage Market, Sankofa Youth activities, and Heritage Tours. Friends members also conduct activities, using their special knowledge and skills to improve the community.

  • Conduct fundraising events, such as the recent quilt raffle, to raise funds for their activities and to support SFHA.

  • Coordinator the annual end-of-year SFHA celebration and recognition event.

  • Help to make a difference in our communities and improve the lives of families. 


The Friends of SFHA can always use more hands, hearts, and minds!


Please use the Contact Us form on this site to inquire about joining the Friends of SFHA or for more information.

Ready to become a member NOW?! Click Here to pay your membership. Thank You! 

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Friends of SFHA

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