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SFHA Heritage Keepers

Sandhills Family Heritage Association preserves the histories, stories and legacies of individuals who practice and keep alive African American family and community traditions to pass on to future generations.


The Sandhills Heritage Keepers are women and men with decades of service and experience who give of themselves and their talents to improve the quality of life in their communities.


They are the unsung heroes who deserve recognition. SFHA acknowledge their contributions to the North Carolina Sandhills Region. We research, document and preserve their contributions to inspire, educate and give hope to current and future generations.

SFHA honors newly selected and current Heritage Keepers at our Annual Community Recognition and Celebration event. 

Click the link below to learn about current Heritage Keepers and their contributions to history and community.

roots wind.jpg

Click the Heritage Keeper names below to view their Youtube video interviews:





Muriel Hodges Allen

Mavis Brower Fleming

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