Sandhills Farmers & Heritage Market


Sandhills Farmers and Heritage Market is Cumberland County’s only farmers market that links history and culture with high-quality fruits, vegetables and specialty food items from local farmers, gardeners and entrepreneurs.

Come for the fresh produce and stay for the zumba demonstration. Take advantage of free health screenings, bring the kids for fun nutrition education events, learn about bees and sample the honey, sample the results of healthy cooking demonstrations and, on very hot days, enjoy a cup of mango-flavored Italian ice. Don't forget the vendors who bring natural products, artistic and cultural wares  and information

for enrichment and education. 

Community ​Partners

  • N.C. Cooperative Extension

  • Cumberland County Health Department

  • Cumberland County Beekeepers

Spring Lake's Mayor Dobbins helps out at

Market Day, 8/25/19

Spring Lake Mayor Larry Dobbins volunteered with Janet Brower, SFHA Board Chair, and Priscilla Burton-Henson, SFHA Board Treasurer, at the 8/24/19 Market Day, Spring Lake Farmers and Heritage Market. 

Sandhills Farmers & Heritage Market has something for everyone!


Drop in, sit awhile, chat with friends, enjoy the activities, tour the Native Plan Trail and take home locally-grown fresh produce. 



  • Locally-grown fresh produce

  • Vendors and Entrepreneurs with specialty, natural and organic items

  • Health and wellness presentations and screenings

  • Active lifestyles demonstrations

  • Nutrition education with activities for kids

  • Healthy Food Preparation demonstrations and samples

  • African Heritage Diet (Oldways(C)) presentations and samples

CLICK HERE to learn about the origins of the Sandhills Farmers & Heritage Market - from research, planning, local policy, permits, funding and the long-awaited launch of a partnership with local farmers, NC Department  of  Agriculture, The  Conservation  Fund’s Resourceful Communities Program and the  Town of Spring Lake - all working together for economic development and neighborhood revitalization! 

Farmers Market Supporters

Thanks to the generosity of RAFI-USA, The Conservation Fund, Z.Smith Reynolds Foundation, and the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, we are able to offer the Farm Fresh and Healthy Pilot Program Fresh Bucks tokens. SNAP/EBT customers can earn Fresh Bucks tokens to double their buying power when purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables.

Sandhills Family Heritage Association

Creating partnerships to save and protect

our natural resources, livelihoods, health and cultural heritage.

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