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The Sandhills Sankofa Players


Evelyn Frett, Director

The Sandhills Sankofa Players make African-American history come alive through historic and cultural reenactments. The Sankofa Players cull material for their performances from historic documents and stories of life in the Sandhills passed down through generations.


Audiences enjoy a variety of reenactments, including a brush arbor church service, enslaved people building the plank roads and post-Civil War use of the land for healing, income, survival and the glue that binds families and communities. 

Sandhills Sankofa Players, a program of Sandhills Family Heritage Association, performs when requested at various venues and for diverse audiences and events. The Players also perform at the site of the Spring Lake Historic Civic Center Building as part of SFHA Heritage Tours and the Cumberland County-African American Heritage Tours. 

The group's audiences include youth, seniors and students of all ages. The Players have performed at church conferences, women's conferences, family reunions tours, educational events, Black History events and community events. The Sandhills Sankofa Players have performed for a National Travel Media Tour and are a popular feature of the SFHA Annual Sankofa Festival.

Contact and Performance Requests

Please contact SFHA for additional information or to request a performance by the Sandhills Sankofa Players at your educational event or special occasion, or to inquire about Heritage Tour performances at the SFHA site. 



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The Sandhills Sankofa Players  - 

  • increase awareness of rural African American history and heritage through historical reenactments, dramatic readings, song, dance and demonstrations of herbal medicine preparation and use

  • dress in period clothing and portray ordinary African-American life from slavery through the Civil Rights Era

  • focus on the traditions that sustained life and created a legacy of knowledge, self-reliance and respect for the past

Listen and learn from the Sankofa Players, as they re-enact the richness of the African American experience in the N.C. Sandhills through a variety of traditions and inspirational stories. 

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Meet the Sankofa Players

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