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Renovation Progress

2023 - SFHA has launched the final phase of the renovation. Critical Path Solutions is making great progress on the building and grounds. There is still much to do. With continued support, we will Renovate, Restore and Reopen the Historic Spring Lake Civic Center as the Sandhills Heritage Center.

Check this page for updates and photos.  

SFHA Reno Final Rendering Xpress.jpg
The Future Fully Renovated
Historic Spring Lake Civic Center

Civic Center Interior Demolition

Update: January 2021

We are excited and anticipate the architect working on the design and plans for a total renovation of the interior and exterior, including the grounds.

SFHA Roof1.jpg

Completed: Critical Roof Replacement 12/04/2019

The historic civic center building has a new roof.


The roof provides stability and protection for the building and sets that stage for the full renovation.


Learn how you can support the completion of Phase 1, including the replacement of windows and doors.


Our Goal: Complete the renovation and open this building as the Sandhills Heritage Center.

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