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Update: 12/04/2019

Now that the architect plans and drawings for the roof replacement are complete, SFHA has accepted a bid for replacement of the civic center building roof.


SFHA also has selected a Project Manager for the Roof Replacement phase of the renovation project.

As part of the roof replacement, the doors and windows will be replaced. 

Work will commence soon. Look for activity at the site on Chapel Hill Road in Spring Lake, NC. That means that we are making progress in our plan to renovate, restore and reopen the Historic Civic Center Building as the Sandhills Heritage Center. 

Completed: Architect Plans and Drawings for Roof Replacement

Payment for the Architect was funded in part by a grant from the Terence L. Mills Fund for North and South Carolina of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Thank you NTHP!

Architect for Roof Replacement: 5th Wall Building Diagnostics. Thank you Jeff Spady.

Project Manager for Architect Phase: J. Carl Manning, Creative Management Consulting Group, LLC. Thank you Carl Manning. 

Marion Stedman Covington Foundation

has awarded a grant to SFHA for the roof replacement. This is a huge statement of support for our renovation project and for the importance of the historic civic center building. Thank You!

Cannon Foundation has awarded a grant to SFHA to for the roof replacement. Our community welcomes this support as we continue the work to Renovate, Restore and Reopen our historic civic center building!


The historic civic center building has a new roof.


The roof provides stability and protection for the building and sets that stage for the full renovation.


Learn how you can support completion of Phase 1, including replacement of windows and doors.


Our Goal: Complete the renovation and open this building as the Sandhills Heritage Center.

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