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SFHA's Health-Wise offers free events and activities aimed at reducing the health risks and improving health outcomes for African-Americans in the NC Sandhills region.

African-Americans have high rates of chronic and lifestyle-related diseases and conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and certain cancers. 


Health-Wise assists participants to make healthier nutritional choices and increase physical activity through exploring options, education and goal-setting.


Health-Wise collaborates with community and health organizations to address the health crisis in our communities and help build strong, healthy families through education, and empowerment.

Health-Wise partners include the Cumberland County Public Health Department Community Health Interventions, Bethel AME Zion Health & Wellness Ministry and Spring Lake Senior Center.

Our Health-Wise and Sankofa Youth Programs have decided to collaborate on upcoming events and meetings which will focus on nutrition and health/active living information.

Please Contact Us for information about Health-Wise.

CLICK HERE to view the 2017 Cumberland County SCOTCH Report, in which SFHA and its HealthWise program are cited as instrumental in improved health outcomes for chronic diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Health-Wise is made possible through funding from Resourceful Communities, Cumberland Community Foundation, Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, and Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina Foundation.

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Upcoming Events

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Janet Brower, Ammie Jenkins and Chanai Winborn on completing A Taste of African Heritage Instructor Training, an Oldways (c) program.


Look for SFHA to offer cooking demonstrations soon.


Visit the Oldways Facebook page to learn more. 

Focus and Approaches


Health Risks


Nutritional and Dietary Choices

Tobacco Use

Sedentary Lifestyle

Environmental Factors

SFHA is committed to sustaining a
healthy living environment through the protection of our food, air, water and land resources. Health-Wise participants learn how environment affects health and well-being..

Chronic Diseases & Conditions


Type 2 Diabetes

High Blood Pressure

Heart Disease


Counseling and Education


Health-Wise participants engage in cooking demonstrations, workshops, presentations and counseling to help improve behaviors that affect health outcomes. Participants gain the knowledge and skills to make decisions about diet, nutrition and 

physical activity. Increased focus on goal-setting and tracking progress encourages participants to intentional about effecting the change they want to see. 

Prevention and Management

Health-Wise helps participants learn about prevention and management of chronic diseases and conditions. 


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