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Sankofa Festival

Sankofa - go back and get that which we have lost or forgotten.”

2020 Annual Sanofa Festival

Please check this page or Contact SFHA for information about our 2020 Sankofa Festival.

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Celebrating Rural African-American

Culture in the Sandhills

History * Culture * Music * Dance * Food *

Community Resources

Founded in 2002, the Annual Sankofa Festival celebrates our culture and honors the past by sharing music, dance, storytelling, history and food.

Features include African-American music from all periods of history and from many genres, including blues, jazz and gospel.

Dancing, drumming, performance artists and visual artists share their cultural interpretations.

Visitors enjoy historical reenactments, storytelling, cultural displays and educational exhibits. 

Vendors display their fabric arts, culinary specialties and other wares throughout the Village.

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